Meet Alannah

Alannah Anderson is a professional artist, designer, and multifaceted creative. With over 20 years of experience in both Australia and the US, Alannah is currently working from her home studio in the South East Suburbs of Melbourne with her husband and two boys.

Early Beginnings

Passionately creative, Alannah entered the workforce full-time right out of high school. With a huge love for design, she learned both traditional and modern print techniques while growing her skill in the area of graphic design. With a pioneering spirit and entrepreneurial heart Alannah started her first creative agency at age 21. In collaboration with other local creatives and marketing professionals to create branded assets for small/medium-sized businesses. She thrived on this path for 8 years before starting a family and relocating from Australia to the USA in 2014.

Deep Dive in Brand and UX Design

While living in Los Angeles, Alannah worked for a global tech company as their Creative Director–servicing some of the world's most influential luxury brands including Gucci, Saint Laurent, Valentino, Prada, and many others.

This experience exposed another creative passion for UX/UI design as well as character design for 3D animation.

This period was full of amazing opportunities where Alannah's designs were shown on FOX 5 New York, the NBC Today Show, and published in Vogue Business, The New York Times, and more.

"Over the period of 20 years as a professional designer - nothing has compared to the experience of creating my own art"

Despite having a wonderful career as a brand designer and creative director, working with incredible brands–Alannah was drawn to explore her natural desire to draw and paint what was in her heart.

During the COVID lockdown period in 2020, an opportunity came for Alannah to pursue her fine art passion. Over an intense 12-month period she completed an online art program with Milan Art Institute which covered everything from Old Masters painting techniques to modern mixed media applications.

Alannah's artwork began to sell immediately while she was developing her style and artistic voice. This enabled her to turn her passion for Fine Art into her full-time art business, "Alannah Anderson Art".

Artist Reality Show Contestant

In 2021, Alannah was invited to compete on an artist reality show in Athens, Georgia with 10 other artists. The opportunity involved filming multiple episodes a day followed by interviews. Alannah made it to the final episode, which was filmed on the beautiful Island of Spetses in Greece (2022), where the winner was announced. While in Greece, Alannah was given the opportunity to feature as a guest judge for season 3 of the show.

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"I truly believe that art is a key to unlocking vision. It is a catalyst for positive transformation. Art deepens our sense of self."