As I sit here to log these thoughts, I am torn between using this time with bubbling inspiration to write or to paint - mornings are the best time to just GO for it. Before the busyness of the day creeps in and distorts the precious first thoughts, ideas and revelations, I need to move in it.

A moment of inspiration is fleeting - and to experience that without acting has been a source of resistance and lack in my life. So here we go! Blog number 2!

This past few weeks I have been sensing this stir of awareness usually first thing in the morning. I have thrown myself into my learning with the Milan Mastery Program - followed the weekly instructions, and practiced letting go...

I am in the voice section of the program which is all about digging deep into self, knowing your temperament when it comes to art making and understanding who you are as an artist. This has been revolutionary to me, to say the least. It is not something you can force or makeup. It has allowed me to truly ask myself, "what is my purpose?". This is unfolding to me daily and I am bursting with life again for the first time in a really, REALLY long time.

The truth is - no one can tell you who you are, or what your unique purpose and message are, only you can find it. My message today is that, it IS inside you - it's there, be patient but not complacent. Keep your heart open, and trust that there is a perfect time for that truth in you to resonate. It may not come all at once in an 'AH-HAH' moment - it may be a slow unfurling like a flower in bloom. That's how it feels to me.

I do not have all the puzzle pieces put together, but I have a glimmer of it now, and I want to tell you if I can find a way to it, so can you. I've been so lost and hopeless, fearful of my own voice, stuck in the shadows - afraid to even hope for a future. You have it in you. It takes work. Inner surrender, letting go of control, and having faith that you can.

I believe that the only way to truly overcome anything that keeps you bound up is to face it.

And yes, it's 'scary' - yes it seems impossible. But, there is SO much blessing and goodness on the other side. I know this sounds cliché, however, it's true - the only way is through. It's almost like a trust fall - "what if no one catches me?". You have everything you need WITHIN you.

I hope this resonates with those who need to hear it. You don't need to have all the answers, you just need to take one step towards that which is stirring inside you... whatever that may be.

If you are an artist, or maybe you are afraid to call yourself an 'artist' because there's a small voice saying "you're not a real artist" - but you have a deep desire to grow in your creativity, find your artistic voice and purpose, then I wholeheartedly recommend you check out the Mastery Program at Milan Art Institute. It has totally transformed my life in such a way that I cannot give it enough words.

I would love to connect with you if this is really speaking to you! Please connect via social media or contact me through the Contact page on my website.

AA x

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