Alannah creates empowering portraits of women, capturing their inner strength and resilience through vivid colors and intricate details. With each brushstroke, Alannah invites viewers to connect with the beauty and power of femininity, inspiring them to embrace their own inner strength.

My Professional Journey

Hi there! My name is Alannah, and I am an artist and brand designer with over 20 years of experience in the industry. I have had the pleasure of living and working in both Australia and the US, gaining unique insights and experiences in each location.

My professional journey started back in 2003 when I started my first design business. It was an exciting time, and I learned so much about the business and creative aspects of design and branding. 

In 2014, my young family and I embarked on a new adventure and moved to California. It was there that I had the opportunity to work for a global tech company that serviced tier-1 luxury brands. The experience was invaluable, and I gained a wealth of knowledge and skills that have served me well in my career.

In 2020, I joined an intensive art program with Milan Art Institute to expand my creative horizons. It was a challenging but rewarding experience that culminated in my graduation in 2021. It was at this time that I had the pleasure of meeting the founders of the Milan Art Institute, and they invited me to compete on an art reality show in the US called 'The Outstanding Artist.' It was an incredible opportunity, and I was thrilled to make it to the finale, which was filmed on the beautiful island of Spetses in Greece.

Today, I am proud to partner with the Milan Art Institute as their Brand Director while also developing my own voice as an artist. It's an exciting time in my career, and I look forward to continuing to create beautiful designs and artworks that are meaningful.

Art is my Vocation and Journey to Freedom

I believe that art has a remarkable ability to heal and transform people and culture. It personally allows me to explore and discover my own identity. As an intuitive form of creative expression, art provides a unique space to communicate emotion, thoughts, and experiences. Through the process of creating art, I can tap into my innermost thoughts and feelings, allowing me to gain a deeper understanding of myself.

As a woman, art is a powerful tool in discovering identity. By exploring themes of femininity, strength, and resilience through my artwork, I hope others can develop a sense of self-confidence and assertiveness that resonates with them.

Ultimately, to me art is a transformative practice that can bring healing, growth, and discovery of true self.

Thank you for taking the time to learn a little bit more about me, and I look forward to connecting with you soon.

Alannah x

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