Staying True to Self

Staying True to Self

Do you have a dream? A stirring in your heart? A vision for your future that makes your stomach backflip and your arm hairs stand on end?

I believe we are all created with greatness rooted deep within our souls. Passions and innate desires make our lives thrust forward toward a better tomorrow.

While planning ahead and having goals for Alannah Art, I am reflecting on the importance of being present. Allow me to dream, and give myself permission to just 'be'.

I am a dreamer - my head often in the clouds, exploring possibilities, envisioning the places I want to go and the things I want to create. But, if the events of 2020 taught me anything, it’s that we must stop, be present, embrace what’s in our hearts right now, and act on it.

But, what happens when your dreams take a back seat, and you lose touch with 'self'?

I have experienced what it's like to suppress your dreams. I had lost sight of my compass while chasing someone else’s dream. I suppressed my voice because their dreams seemed bigger, more amazing, and more... important. I ultimately forgot who I was and what I valued as important to me. I stopped listening to my inner voice, and let other people’s dreams and opinions distort my own.

The fallout was evident all around me. My family and friends could see it from a mile off. I was all consumed in work, work, work - but not being fruitful, mentally or spiritually. You know, some opportunities can look and feel so similar to our personal goals, dreams, and aspirations... but when you begin to lose yourself, your peace, and your health – then it’s time to reassess priorities. No matter how invested you are, or how lucrative the path may seem, if your health is on the line - the job is not worth keeping.

Coming home to self

For the artist, a mixture of sensitivity and boldness is required to tap into your inner creative source. Listening, honoring, and embracing your inner voice (above all others) is essential for balance and creativity. In launching Alannah Anderson Art, I am coming home to myself. My goal is to inspire hope, empowerment, and positivity through art.

With a redefined purpose I have big plans for the future. I am continuing to work on large-scale series of original art scheduled to be exhibited publicly. I am excited about the possibilities that are ahead. I am open to collaborations with other artists and designers. I am open to art commissions, to connect with you and create something truly beautiful and unique that will bring love and life into your space.

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