Embrace Your Sensitivity

Embrace Your Sensitivity

As an artist, I have often been accused of being "too sensitive" , "too serious" or "thinking too much" when often, these things have been part of an awakening that has had massive blessing and breakthrough attached.

Making art gives me a way to channel these inner workings and often the paintings begin to make sense of it all. I am an artist to my core. When paintings begin to speak to the hearts of people, I am drawn to understand the importance of pursuing this path. So yes, I am serious sometimes... and sensitive.... and I spend a lot of time thinking things through - it makes me who I am.

Being behind a brush, I enjoy fast decisions and not thinking too much, and the beautiful thing is - the painting begins to commune with me and return positive energy. Then, through sharing art and the experience of it, others can experience inspiration too. As someone who has worked on this for the better part of 30 years, I want to shout from the rooftops, embrace your sensitivity as an artist and begin to understand it as not your weakness.

4 tips for getting past negative feedback:

  • Don't try to change who you are
  • Make an effort to get to know all of your nuances
  • Learn about your identity, temperament, passions, and dislikes so that you can accept and understand why you are the way you are
  • From a place of self-acceptance, you can move forward

That's it for this post. Short and sweet.

What wisdom can you offer in the area of negative opinions?

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